It’s Necessary to Educate on Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual assault especially on college campuses is a huge problem. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men will be raped in their life. This is becoming an increasingly terrifying epidemic, especially as we see public figures like Brock Turner be released from his light sentence early. Many campuses and organizations across the country are taking … Continue reading It’s Necessary to Educate on Sexual Assault Prevention

The Lazy Guide to Bullet Journaling

Are you fed up with the way your planner looks and that you spent so much money on an organization tool that doesn’t keep you organized? I was too. Then I stumbled upon Bullet Journaling. and I learned about the awesome system that you create yourself. Your planner will always have all the space you need and look exactly how you want it because you … Continue reading The Lazy Guide to Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

In an effort to get organized before I start my internship I happened upon the world of bullet-journaling…and fell absolutely in love! Now I can have everything I’ve ever wanted in a planner…… because I’ll be the one creating it! How did I not think of this before? (I like to say I’m smart but yanno). For my first journal I also didn’t spend any … Continue reading Bullet Journaling

Unapologetically Myself

A new chapter starts here. A chapter that contains less unwarranted apologies and more expectations met. A time for better communication with the people I love and removal of the people I don’t.   I have always wanted people to look at me or think about me and say “She is unapologetically herself” and be excited about that. Not everyone can feel so comfortable in … Continue reading Unapologetically Myself

How to Stay Productive over Winter Break

Winter break may come with dreary weather and lots of laying in bed watching netflix which may lead to feeling down or restless. Staying positive and proactive is so important during a break! Finding the motivation to stay active or to work ahead can be very difficult  when there aren’t any assignments to be turned in or exams to study for but there are always … Continue reading How to Stay Productive over Winter Break

Easy Way to Make Money in College

I feel like I’ve cracked the code. It was unbelievable how much money I made from doing this! Research participation. At a university, grad students and professors are always conducting research and many will pay you for it. Find the research center or which department at your university holds research studies and make sure to sign up for their emailing list. After participating in two … Continue reading Easy Way to Make Money in College